Association Management

Our Mission

Thank you for expressing interest in our company and for allowing us the opportunity to present you with a proposal for management. We believe you will find our "difference" to be both refreshing and rewarding. The Property Management Proposal is ourcommitment to our quality professional services that will be customized to your particular needs. Once we are hired to manage your association, we will strive to exceed your expectations.

Your association owners and Directors will find that we are very accessible and easy to work with. We believe that you will find our company to be very hands-on in the management of your association. We have the experience and necessary technology to provide you with reports that are on time, accurate and understandable. We pride ourselves in a reporting system that can be tailored to meet the needs of your association. In addition, we include budget analysis and consultation to assure that the association is keeping with in the planned budget.

We work hand and hand with your Board Members for sound fiscal planning. Strategic planning of capital improvements and day-to-day operations is our specialty. Projected operating and budget analysis will be submitted each year upon request to the President and Treasurer for preliminary review. Then, with the President and Treasurer input, we will prepare the final financial analysis for the board's consideration, review and subsequent approval.

We have a complete maintenance service as well as a list of component outside companies who are on call for any special needs. We make sure that all maintenance personal is insured. Maintenance work will be scheduled and completed on time. A complete maintenance history of the property will be maintained and kept for historical review and budgeting.

We at Advanced Realty Management, Inc. are licensed Real Estate Agents and are Realtors. We are bound to the Realtors Code of Conduct and by all real estate laws. We are fully insured with liability and errors and omissions insurance and are bonded. The property manager has also achieved the designation of Property Management Specialist.

Our proposal can be adjusted to meet your management needs. Please contact us to schedule your personalized presentation to the Board of Directors or at an association owner's meeting.

Thank you for your consideration, we would appreciate the opportunity to present our proposal to your organization and look forward to serving you and the Association owners.

What We Provide

  • Receive monthly association fees and deposit them into the Association's private checking account, separate from any other account.
  • Pay all disbursements supported with proper documentation where such disbursements are consistent with the budget and/or contractual obligations, except in the case of emergency provided that such emergency disbursement is immediately brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.
  • Set up the Condominium Association with a savings trust account, which we would make deposits to, at the direction of the Board of Directors. This account would not be available to Agent for withdrawals. The Board of Directors may only do disbursements from this account.
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Maintain records of each unit's assessments and payments. Issue payment coupons to unit owners as necessary. Initiate internal collection procedures for non-pays and, where necessary, cooperate with an attorney of the association's preference.
  • Prepare accurate and on-time monthly-computerized financial reports (balance sheet, operating statement, delinquent account report, general ledger, cash flow statement, etc.) and provide copies of it for each board member; and provide year-end financial statements for each board member and for distribution to each owner at the annual meeting.
  • Provide information and assist accountant in the completion of the annual audit and preparation of any required tax returns.
  • Prepare annual computerized budget with cost analysis and distribute to owners upon approval of the board members at the annual meeting.
  • Prepare and issue notices for all unit owners, director, or committee meetings.
  • Meet with the Board of Directors at their meetings and provide documentation requested.
  • Meet with association owners at the board meetings to discuss maintenance and association matters and distribute financial reports.
  • Make regular inspections of the premises, noting and correcting minor deficiencies. All major conditions will be reported to the Board of Directors.
  • Negotiate, arrange and supervise all Association maintenance, repair and service contracts.
  • Record property maintenance records by unit.
  • Respond to all ordinary maintenance requests, within 72 hours after receiving the request.
  • Respond to emergency maintenance requests as soon as possible after receiving the request.
  • Provide 24 hour, 365 days per year emergency service for association related emergencies.
  • Maintain the records of the association, to include, but not limited to, minutes of all meetings, financial reports and original contracts entered into between the association and third parties, and substantive communications with the association. Such records shall be returned to the association at the end of employment and shall be available to the Board upon request and shall be available for inspection by unit owners in accordance with the Declaration and By-Laws.
  • Receive and consider complaints from members regarding the enforcement of the association rules and regulations. Send notices of violations and follow-up notices if required.
  • Association owners may utilize Maintenance Plus Property Service's maintenance staff at a discounted rate for member's personal needs within the condominium community.
  • Provide the association members with a client discount rate for the marketing or managing of individual member units.
  • Provide unit owners or their agents who require information about the condominium, including but not limited to, the completion of mortgage lender's condominium data forms, copy of the association's Declaration, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Owner Directory or other documents pertaining to the association.